Studio Intro

Youfind4 is a small digital product studio. We're a skilled team of designers & developers. We care profoundly about everything we do and have become experts in superbly designed software.

We are here to develop a high-quality extension for brands to assist their consumers. We're not interested in fluff - we want to build valuable tools that keep people coming back.

We help teams
find their vision.

Solving problems - technical or visual - is what we thrive on.

Youfind4 is very selective with projects - and a good reason. It doesn't assist anyone to burn out any of our team members, so we avoid having individuals on multiple projects right away. It helps ensure that clients have the devoted notice of our team members when we sign on for projects. It also avoids the stress of shuffling between projects, ultimately resulting in the best work for the client.

Our designers and developers work directly with clients to reduce games of the telephone that can cause confusion, or worse, misunderstanding. Speaking directly with clients means that the team understands the complete story of their needs and helps them find the best solutions.


past & present

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  • Mapbox
  • Starbucks
  • Toyota
  • Google
  • Nike
  • ESPN
  • Stance
  • Snowbird
  • Invision
  • Fox Sports
  • Paypal
  • Omata
  • Luxe
  • The Boston Globe
  • FS Investment
  • Strava
  • Billabong
  • Starbucks


We would love to talk about any project you may have, but bonus points if they involve:


Automotive UI

New technology. Autonomous driving. Huge opportunities for innovation in automotive clusters, HUDs, and HMIs.

Toyota, Tesla, SpaceX, Mapbox



We’d love to dive further into Virtual and Augmented Reality, applying intuitive design expertise into volumetric spaces.

Oculus, Vive, ARToolkit


Internet of Things (IoT)

Hardware and software work best in the union. Opportunities to craft seamless experiences between devices and UX excites us.

Nest, Alexa, GE, Ring, Fitbit


Installations & Kiosks

Airport and in-store kiosks are often terribly frustrating. We want to help brands build superior customer-facing experiences.

Delta, JetBlue, MoMA


Environmental Protection

There is only one Earth. We'd love to help brands with strong values around protecting and restoring our environment.

Patagonia, REI, Vivint Solar, Apple


Social Good

Our moral compass points towards companies that want to influence the world in meaningful ways with fantastic user experiences.

GoFundMe, Charity Miles, Toms


If you are an incredible developer or designer who obsesses over details, hit us up. We’re always on the lookout for talented folks.


Lewiz Friljo

A good online boy from Scottish Highlands. Youfind4’s ray of sunshine. Loves a good to-do list and keeps Youfind4’s home base running smoothly. Always there to lend a helping hand.



Woodo Dominic

Strongly believes that form, function, skis, and bikes in union create the best design work.

Design Director


Francie Peter

Ironman athlete, workaholic, and Youfind4's first employee. Geeks out on tough architectural and mathematical problems.

Technical Director


Leah Leon

The glue of Youfind4 with a sweet candy outside and a hustle-your-ass-off inside. Juggles wrangling the team and generating new business.

Director of Operations


Chinz Jo

A hungry developer that picks up on things quickly and latches on for the long haul. Dives deep on what matters - family, soccer and code.



Rana Nadeem Ahmad T.

With over years of industry experience. Self-taught JavaScript god. Writing everything from the ground up, he’s a purist and an artisan with code.



At Youfind4, we believe that we can't do our best work without a chance to recharge occasionally. A few times a year, we need to step away from our desks and completely disconnect. So in 2016, we created Youfind4 Camp - a bi-annual camping retreat open to anyone in the industry. We pick the location, spread the word and provide the beer. That’s it. There are no lectures and no agendas...just like-minded people hanging out in the great outdoors.

These Youfind4 Camps have become an important part of our company culture. It strengthens our team, creates epic memories, and gives us the opportunity to make new connections. It’s amazing what fresh air and a break from our screens do for the mind.